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Minnesota Residents Denied Important Legal Rights

Today, Minnesota residents were denied a very important legal right and it has insurance companies patting themselves on the backs. Up for a vote was the right to hold insurance companies accountable if they negotiate in “Bad Faith” and refuse to pay claims or offer “low ball” settlements. Unfortunately, not every state recognizes third-party bad faith causes of action. Fortunately, Kentucky is one of the few states that recognizes an individuals right to sue another person’s insurance company if the negotiate in bad faith. Kentucky residents are given the right to sue under its Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act. Holding insurance companies accountable for dealing unfairly with injured Kentuckians is the only way to ensure they play by the rules and negotiate fairly. Without the ability to take an insurance company to court when they negotiate in bad faith, Kentuckians lose and insurance companies continue to make record profits year after year.


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