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McDonald’s Sanctioned for Withholding Evidence

The Courier Journal reports that “Senior Judge Tom McDonald has sanctioned McDonalds for withholding evidence in a lawsuit by a former employee who was the victim of a strip-search hoax at its Mount Washington store in 2004.  Senior Judge Tom McDonald said Wednesday that the company either engaged in “plausible deniability” or deliberately “hid the ball from the court, opposing counsel and its own lawyers” when it failed to disclose at least four prior hoaxes at other McDonald’s restaurants around the country.””

You’ll recall that McDonalds has been sued over a bizarre prank back in 2004 where someone called the store pretending to be a police officer  and instructing the manage to take Louise Ogborn to the back of the store a strip search her.  The store manager then called her boyfriend to the store to watch Louise while the manager returned to work the front of the store.  The telephone caller then instructed the boyfriend to strip search her as well as force her to engage in sex acts– all under the guise of being some kind of investigation. 

ABC interviewed the McDonald’s manager who allowed this to happen as well as Louise. 

Louise has one of the best and most aggressive attorneys in Kentucky representing her, Ann B. Oldfather.  McDonalds is represented by one of the largest firms in Kentucky, Greenbaum, Doll & McDonaldWilliam R. “Pat” Patterson is the lead attorney for McDonalds and is highly respected in the community. 

The trial is scheduled to begin Monday.

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