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Louisville Jury Awards $910,000 in FELA Case

Sorry to be so long in posting, but we were in trial with Hal Bailey of Atlanta Georgia and Will Moody, Jr.  of Virginia, both of Moody, Strople, Kloeppel & Higginbotham, Inc.  A Louisville jury awarded our client, Paul Fairchild, $910,000 in a Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) case against CSXT Railroad.

In 2003, Paul was operating a ballast regulator when his supervisor stopped a fuel truck across the tracks at the crossing Paul was approaching.  While Paul tried to stop the regulator as quickly as he could, there was too much grease on the rail and Paul and his regulator slid 250 feet into the fuel truck. 

The wreck caused Paul to suffer a severe neck injury that resulted in a two level neck fusion and a permanent impairment that has disabled him.

This Louisville, Kentucky jury took their charge seriously and deliberated almost 8 hours before coming to their verdict.  We believe it is a verdict they should be proud of.


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