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Legal Malpractice Cases are Among the Most Complicated Cases a Lawyer Can Handle

Legal malpractice cases are among some of the most complicated cases a lawyer can handle. It is not enough to simply prove your former attorney was negligent, you must also prove the underlying case had value, and that the result would have likely been different if your lawyer had complied with the standard of care. This is what’s known as proving the case within a case. The damages in the underlying case now become your damages against your former lawyer. Not every lawyer is capable of handling a legal malpractice case. In fact, not many lawyers in Louisville (or even Kentucky for that matter) even handle legal malpractice cases. Here is an example of a Texas lawyer who tried to handle a legal malpractice case and screwed it up and got it dimissed. I bet the plaintiff won’t be able to find a lawyer to represent him in his next legal malpractice case. Can you imagine how hard it will be to prove a case within a case…within another case???

Hans Poppe 

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