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Unethical Fen-Phen Lawyers?

Boy, that sure is the way it looks. Attorneys Melbourne Mills, Jr., William Gallion, and Shirley Cunningham are accused of stealing more than $64 million dollars from their clients in a Fen-phen settlement. Now, the Courier-Journal reports that they may have initially withheld another $27.7 million dollars. All three lawyers have been suspended from the practice of law pending the outcome of the Bar investigation and a trial in September. The attorneys claim they had to retain part of the settlement to pay potential future claiments; however, Chief Senior Judge William Wehr has rejected that argument. If these allegations are proven to be true, it is impossible for me to imagine what would motivate any lawyer to be so greedy. Each of these lawyers stood to make tens of millions of dollars apiece, without stealing from their clients. How could they ever justify more (legally or ethically)? If these allegations are true, this simply adds more fuel to the inferno of lawyer hate. Especially for plaintiff’s attorneys. The majority of all lawyers are extremely ethical and honest. We adhere to a very stringent set of ethical rules handed down by the Kentucky Supreme Court, and violate them at the risk of losing our license and livelihood. Which is exactly what looks like will happen here. hp to see all of the pleadings in the case, go here

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