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Former Supreme Court Justice Agrees to Mediate Land Dispute

WOW. The January 30th issue of the Courier Journal reports that former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has agreed to mediate a 60 year-old land dispute. To read the entire article, go to our news section. I can only assume this is the first time a former SCOTUS judge has agreed to mediate a class action lawsuit. Justice O’Connor has always been known as a well-reasoned justice with a slight liberal leaning. Here, I predict she will be sympathetic to the heirs of the property rights holders; however, I doubt she can be persuaded to award anything close to the $30 million dollar demand…especially since the plaintiffs are trying to enforce an “unwritten” contract about what their “understanding” was of how mineral rights would be handled. Good luck. Regardless, having her mediate your case is the next best thing to arguing in front of the US Supreme Court. Stay tuned. hp 

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