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Lawyers Can No Longer Use Nicknames In Ads in New York

If you live in Louisville, you already know who the Heavy Hitter and the Hammer is. However, you may not have know that in other states the Heavy Hitter and the Hammer monikers belong to other lawyers. As of today, however, lawyers will no longer be allowed to use nicknames in their advertisements in New York. Evidently, NY courts are concerned that the public is being duped. Unfortunately, the majority of lawyer advertising is done poorly and reflects negatively on the profession. This only serves to add fuel to the already well-fed fire of lawyer bashing. My friend Ben Glass of Virgina has even written a book titled “The Truth About Lawyer Advertising” which explains what these lawyers really mean in their advertising. He also exposes the myth about these lawyers actually knowing how to litigate and try lawsuits when (not if) it becomes necessary. If you want to order his free book, go to www.BenGlassLaw.com I wonder if Kentucky’s lawyer advertising comittee will pay any attention to this recent development? hp 

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